You may be much smarter than you think. Last year, scientists at the Salk Institute discovered that the human brain’s computing power is ten times greater than previously thought.

The new estimate suggests that you have the computing ability and information storage capacity of the entire World Wide Web right between your ears. With that kind of upper limit, it’s time to believe in yourself and aim higher. Consider these ideas to help you excel.


Applying More Brain Power to Your Personal Life:

  1. Continue learning. Make education a lifelong experience. Maybe you want to return to school full time, take an occasional evening course, or just study on your own.
  2. Read more. Studies show that reading enhances memory, relieves stress, and may even help you live longer. Pick up a classic novel at the library or enjoy the e-book version. Add in some non-fiction science and history.
  3. Find a hobby. Turn off the TV and tune into an enriching project that engages your creativity. Knit a sweater or restore vintage furniture.
  4. Travel around. Visiting different countries or even a few unfamiliar neighborhoods expands your perspective. Travel really is broadening.
  5. Cultivate healthy relationships. Social interactions play a big role in the quality of your life. Spend time with your loved ones. Hang onto old friends, and look for opportunities to make new ones.
  6. Teach your kids. Share your expertise with your children. Help them with their homework or plan a family outing to the local natural history museum.
  7. Take care of your health. Be smart about self-care. Keep up with the latest research on nutrition, medicine, and aging. Talk with your doctor and other health professionals about how the latest studies apply to you.
  8. Volunteer your services. Giving back to society can be personally rewarding. Contact a charity that interests you and propose a project that will let you explore new skills or leverage your current strengths.
  9. Deepen Your Faith. Strengthen the foundation of your beliefs. Study scriptures and talk with others in your spiritual community. 


Applying More Brain Power to Your Professional Life:

  1. Choose meaningful work. Look for a career that excites you and gives you a sense of purpose. Ask yourself who benefits from what you do. Start now to prepare yourself for a career change if you want to explore another field.
  2. Create a side income. What if your job seems limited and it’s not practical for you to move on right now? You can still make money doing what you love outside office hours. Start a blog or offer guided tours of your hometown.
  3. Focus on innovation. You can make any task more stimulating by experimenting with ways to increase quality and productivity. Set a goal that’s feasible but challenging.
  4. Pick up new skills. Sign up for training on the latest software package or let your boss know that you’re interested in attending a conference that will help your job performance. Shadow another employee who can show you how to design a social media campaign or prepare for a tax audit.
  5. Network more effectively. Strategic networking builds lasting connections and speeds up your professional development. Practice striking up conversations with strangers and following up with promising contacts. Focus on giving to others and having fun.

Next time you start to doubt yourself, remember that you have the capacity of the entire internet sitting under your hat. Live up to your potential to accomplish big things in your personal and professional life.