Life is a lot like swimming: if you have good technique, you can glide along easily and effortlessly. If you go about it the wrong way, you end up thrashing around and attract the sharks. Life can be quite easy, with the right approach.


Give these suggestions an honest try and you’ll enjoy some positive changes in your life:

  1. Focus on what’s important. An error that almost everyone makes is attempting to get too many things accomplished. If you do fewer things, you’ll be forced to do only the most important tasks.
  • 80% of what you do each day is often irrelevant. Focus on the most important 20% and you’ll get the big stuff done while being less busy.
  • When you’re working on these important tasks, reduce your wasted activity and eliminate unproductive distractions. Then, you’ll finish your tasks in even less time, leaving more time for you to do the things you enjoy most!
  1. Have less stuff. Owning items you don’t need or love wastes money, creates hassles, and gets you off track. You’ll find that life feels easier and lighter if you only have the things you really need or love – you’ll enjoy your things more, save money, and have more free time.
  2. Avoid worrying about matters that don’t really matter. If your life is full of struggle, it’s likely that you’re often fighting over little things. Let go off all those minor matters, take a breath, and glide on to your next important
  3. Clean up after yourself, immediately. Do you do all your tasks with the intention of cleaning everything up at the end of the day, or tomorrow, or some other point in the future? Instead, consider the task as “complete” only after everything has been put away.
  • Pick up and clean as you go. You’ll find your home, office, and life much more ordered and peaceful.
  1. Change gradually. Frequently, we get frustrated and want to change everything at once. We want to get up earlier, eat better, exercise daily, and improve our social lives all at the same time. As you’ve probably learned the hard way, it’s extremely difficult to be successful following this path.
  • Instead, work on one thing at a time. Give it a couple of weeks, and then add in something else. And go slowly with each item. For example, avoid trying to go from a horrible diet to eating perfectly 100% of the time. Start with just having a great breakfast each day.
  1. Show compassion. Not only does it make it a lot easier to deal with everyone around you, but showing that you care about others also makes you feel better about yourself, too. You become a positive influence in the lives of others and you’ll be helping yourself at least as much as you’re helping them.

If you want things in your life to change, you must do something differently than what you’re currently doing. Try these 6 suggestions – give them 30 days and see how easy and enjoyable life can be!