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Why Prescription Antibiotics are Slowly Killing Us – and How to Arm Yourself with a Natural Immune Booster

Prescription antibiotics are a luxury previous generations didn’t have. However, our rampant overuse of these products through the years is slowly killing us. This isn’t an exaggeration, either…side effects are outrageous. The more we rely on antibiotics, the stronger the bacteria and viruses become due to “resistance.” According to the World Health Organization (WHO), antibiotic resistance threatens to yield all medications useless, which means every infection will soon become “life-threatening” – due to our extreme overuse of antibiotics. To protect our well-being and longevity, we MUST stop using prescription antibiotics as the first-line-of-defense against illness like:

  • Flu
  • Strep throat
  • Pneumonia
  • Common cold
  • Whopping cough
  • Allergies
  • Ear and sinus infections
  • Bladder and kidney infection

An antibiotic should always be the “last” line of defense against an illness – never the first. To truly protect ourselves, we need to bolster our own immunity with natural products that the body is designed to consume anyway. Unlike man-made drugs, infectious agents cannot withstand an attack from this God-given defense. But in order to get your immunity working seamlessly (as it’s meant to do naturally), you must give it the proper fuel. That’s why I created ImmuneFX.

For the last 4 years, I’ve been working on bringing you the world’s most potent, all-natural immune booster. With biological nasties everywhere, ImmuneFX is your best weapon against all types of infection – because it works with your immune system, not against it.

Nobel Prize Science Shows How to Build Immunity, Naturally

Immunity threats are everywhere…it’s disgusting, actually. A single gram of feces can contain more than 10 million viruses, 1 million bacteria, 1,000 parasite cysts and 100 parasite eggs. Our world is a breeding ground for illness. But you don’t have to be a victim to this fact. Instead, you can minimize the everyday risk of infection by strengthening your immunity, naturally.

The outstanding ability of our immune system to ward off infection was recently highlighted in Noble Prize winning science. Scientists Bruce Beutler and Jules Hoffmann discovered that humans are hard-wired with special receptors that recognize foreign invaders and activate our immune response to protect us. It’s like having a massive, protective army on watch around the clock.

But in order to activate these sentinels, we need to supply the body with high-quality fuel derived from natural products to feed and nourish our very complex immune system. Decades of science show that the active ingredients in ImmuneFX are the true answer for harnessing the protective power of this ultra-potent, anti-infection machine.

Immune Booster Works Miracles for the whole Family

ImmuneFX provides two potent immune activators found in nature – andrographis paniculata and coriander. Together, they put immune activity into overdrive to favor eradication of foreign invaders.

Andrographis paniculata has been used throughout history for digestive problems, snakebites, and infections ranging from malaria to dysentery. And all of these uses have been validated with state-of-the-art scientific methodology.

In an immunity test conducted by Henan University in China, scientists rated andrographis paniculata as the most potent anti-viral herbal medicine ever discovered. A similar study conducted by scientists at Bastyr University showed a significant rise in immune protection against both viral and bacterial infections, with only 10 mg/kg of andrographis! The University of Michigan medical school recently wrote that, “a double-blind trial showed andrographis
successfully reduced the severity of the common cold.”

For the first time ever, it’s potency has been raised by combining it with coriander. Not only does this act as a heavy metal magnet and pull toxins from the body, but it also serves as nature’s vitamin C. A well known asset in immunity, naturally occurring vitamin C is far superior than commercial source, known as ascorbic acid.

Unlike anything else available today, ImmuneFX doesn’t have any lab-derived vitamin mimics like vitamin D or folic acid. Even better, it’s many times stronger than common flim-flam such as Echinacea.

As a father and chemist, I’ve used this same formula to ward off illness in my own family. Whether it was to prevent infection or overcome a harsh cough, cold or flu, it has always worked wonders for us. I’ve even used it to help a close friend overcome pneumonia. He wrote the following on my Facebook wall after regaining his health:

“Shane once saved my life from pneumonia with his recommendation of an herb that had no side effects, and which let me throw the antibiotics down the toilet. Now I take it all the time. And since that toilet flush, I have no more of the acid reflux that always results from the antibiotics
killing the good bacteria. Thanks, Shane, and keep telling us what you REALLY mean in a city where no one else does.”

Powerful Enough To Protect Children

ImmuneFX is perfect for children who are exposed to a wide range of infectious agents, such as those within the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). With this in mind, I recently volunteered to speak to LAUSD students.

I wanted to help them better understand their immune system and how it can protect them. Not only did I teach 4th and 5th graders about healthy habits, but I also explained how natural medicine, over vaccines, can offer protection against childhood illness. With such powerful science supporting it, everyone deserves to know about bolstering natural immunity, without having to risk side-effects common to drugs and vaccines.

Worlds Most Potent Over-The-Counter Remedy

A scientific analysis of similar products showed that very few offer the full spectrum of ingredients required to provide any protection. Therefore, as a medicinal chemist for over 20 years, I perfected the cultivation and encapsulation methods of both andrographis paniculata and coriander. The final product – ImmuneFX – is verifiably the most effective and powerful immunity aid on the market.

So, are you ready to feed your immune system exactly what it needs to keep you safe and healthy all year round? Order ImmuneFX now, so you can be 100% protected.

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