Shameless, disgraceful Garden of Life attacks Natural News for publishing scientific facts about tungsten, lead and cadmium in their RAW protein products


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(NaturalNews) In response to Natural News publishing scientific findings about Garden of Life RAW Protein products containing the highest levels of tungsten, lead and cadmium that we’ve ever seen in any product, the Garden of Life company has responded in a shameless, irresponsible manner by attacking the source of the scientific findings rather than responding to the facts.

“Through a series of tantalizing reports and videos this blogger has been trying to expose plant based proteins, specifically disparaging organic, vegan and non-gmo certifications,” said a post on the official Garden of Life Facebook page. It goes on to make thinly-veiled threats against anyone who might pursue the truth further, saying, “[Our supplier] will be aggressively pursuing this blogger and any who repeat his misinformation.”

In other words, Garden of Life has already resorted to making threats in this matter, all while utterly failing to refute the scientifically-validated laboratory testing which shows their RAW Protein products contain significant concentrations of tungsten, lead and cadmium. See the results for yourself at:…

Meanwhile, readers all across the internet are demanding Garden of Life show their own lab results, which they have so far refused to do for all the obvious reasons: those lab results will confirm my own findings, of course. Furthermore, my findings have been validated by two other laboratories, including a university lab.

For whatever reason, Garden of Life has now chosen a path of denial rather than accepting responsibility for their products and issuing a voluntary recall, which would be the ethical thing to do. The course of action they have chosen is extremely irresponsible, immoral and unethical, as it sends a message that the company is far more interested in making threats and suppressing scientific truth rather than engaging in honest disclosure about the true composition of their products.

In a particularly pathetic attack, Garden of Life condemns the Natural News Store for selling One World Whey protein products which tested at zero tungsten, zero lead and zero cadmium. Yet they justify their own continued selling of GoL RAW Protein products which contain substantial levels of all three of these heavy metals. Somehow, when the Natural News Store sells clean protein products, we are bad, but when Garden of Life sells products containing significant levels of tungsten, lead and cadmium, that’s perfectly okay and even safe! After all, they’ve hired PhDs to tell them it’s safe!

It’s now perfectly clear to me that Garden of Life is going to act a whole lot like Monsanto in this matter: You’re not supposed to know what you’re eating! The threats have already begun.

What Garden of Life does not yet seem to grasp is that they are destroying their own credibility by the hour as they deny these findings. Garden of Life does not seem to understand that the health-conscious public is not interested in threats and denials. They are interested in clean products which are essentially free of heavy metals. In attacking me rather than responding to the facts, Garden of Life seems intent on continuing to sell products which contain significant levels of tungsten, lead and cadmium. That alone is extremely concerning to the entire natural health community, no doubt.

You may post your own comments on this matter at the Garden of Life Facebook page:

The founder of Garden of Life, Jordan Rubin, contacted me immediately after this story broke, to confirm he had “resigned from Garden of Life in August of 2013. Since 2010, Jordan has had no involvement in the process of procurement or testing of raw materials used in Garden of Life products.”

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Shameless, disgraceful Garden of Life attacks Natural News for publishing scientific facts about tungsten, lead and cadmium in their RAW protein products

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