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Surprising Research Results Confirm Safety and Ultra-Effectiveness of Natural, Fast Acting, Pain Killer!

Don’t Let Commonly Used Pain Killers like Tylenol And Aspirin Seriously Damage Your Liver – Forever!

According to the New England Journal of Medicine prescription and over-the-counter pain killers kill over 16,000 people annually. If you use Celebrex, Tylenol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen or Motrin, isn’t it time you switched to Relief FX?

Researchers writing for the medical journal Hepatology recently showed that, “acetaminophen [Tylenol] poisoning now accounts for at least 42% of U.S. acute liver failure cases seen at tertiary-care centers [large hospitals] and one third of the deaths.”

Even short Term Use Causes Health to Tailspin

According to a recent study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, even short term use of acetaminophen can cause serious health problems for your liver.

Healthy participants with no sign of liver failure used acetaminophen at recommended doses for only four days. At the end of the four days, blood tests revealed significant increases in certain liver enzymes which have been shown in the past to be key indicators of serious problems and damage occurring in the liver.

The danger of OTC pain killers arises from their detrimental effect on the liver.

Your liver is your number one weapon against toxic exposure. Just like it wards off a hangover, it can remove or neutralize toxins from the blood. It’s also mandatory for boosting immunity and protecting the body from viral and bacterial infection. But it’s not invincible. When it gets damaged, it leaks enzymes into the bloodstream. Your health tailspins!

How to Protect Yourself

So what can you do to avoid these harmful effects if you currently use Tylenol for pain relief? Your first instinct might be to throw your bottle of Tylenol in the trash and switch to another popular pain reliever like Aspirin or Ibuprofen.

Unfortunately, studies conducted on these pain relievers showed similar harmful effects on the liver, especially in cases of long term use. The long list of other harmful side effects isn’t pretty either, like gastrointestinal bleeding, ulcers, and heart problems. All of these are responsible for tens of thousands of hospitalizations of unsuspecting users each year.

Common Side-Effects of Aspirin

Consider Aspirin. When used to prevent cardiovascular events, Aspirin™ users sometimes drop dead faster than non-aspirin users. Whether users are taking 75mg or higher, “No conventionally used prophylactic Aspirin regimen seems free of the risk of peptic ulcer complications,” said the British Medical Journal.

The People’s Chemist No-Risk, Pain Relief Solution

These health damaging (and even life threatening) side effects are the reason I set out to formulate a safe and effective pain killer that was natural and non-toxic to the liver and rest of the body.

I knew there was no way I could feel comfortable giving commonly used pain killers like Tylenol or Aspirin to my friends and family…especially not to my children!

I wanted a pain reliever that I could feel confident giving to people without any fear of long term damage. I began studying the earliest known pain killer of our time; white willow bark.

White willow bark can safely prevent the spinal cord from transmitting pain messages to the brain. From a hangover, to a migraine or even cancer pain, this allows it to be wildly effective for many different types of discomfort. Unfortunately, you need a lot of the bark in tea form for it to be effective. Furthermore, the effects don’t last long…It was showing impractical.

Chemist Carl R. Gerhardt recognized this over 150 years ago. In 1853 he wanted to increase the pain killing properties of white willow bark by designing a chemical cousin. Toward this end, he synthesized acetylsalicylic acid (ASA).

Bayer trademarked the anti-platelet drug as Aspirin in 1889 and it (ASA) is now used in place of white willow bark. But it isn’t nearly as safe. The small molecular change made for big dangers! This alteration, technically known as the addition of the “acetyl” group made for big dangers.

The ASA copycat of Mother Nature comes with severe bleeding and liver complications. Fortunately, modern day, natural chemistry techniques allows for a much safer and effective method…

7 Times More Potent than White Willow Bark

Using modern day chemistry techniques, I was able to curtail the short half-life of white willow bark, while at the same time increase its pain melting qualities. My one-of-a-kind blend is known as Relief-FX and it works fast and lasts thanks to modern day chemistry techniques

Utilizing modern day chemistry techniques like organic isolation and purification, I was able to boost the quantity of glycosides from 4% to a whopping 25% – making it up to 7 times more potent than naturally occurring white willow bark!

To preserve the natural form of white willow bark, I did not remove any of the other naturally occurring ingredients that work as “buffers” to ensure safety. These molecules were identified as salicortin, picein, fragilin, tremulacin and triandrin. And combined, not a single one has caused any type of liver damage!

Multiple studies have been done on these natural substances showing no liver damage – even in long term use (no increases in the enzymes that indicate liver damage and poor liver health) as verified by blood tests.

Increased Absorption

When increasing the amount of any given medicinal compound, you have to ensure that it gets absorbed. I utilized a unique ginger extract that is four times stronger than naturally occurring ginger rhizome. This extract enhances digestion and absorption by increasing the production of bile, a major component of proper molecular absorption. This ensures that the pain melting agents are distributed as fast as possible into the bloodstream.

Using my blend takes away all the worry of excess bleeding and liver damage, while soothing many forms of discomfort like muscle pain, back pain, headaches, migraines, even cancer pain!

New Era in Pain Relief

Finally, you can have a pain reliever in your home that you can rely on for those headaches, back aches, sore muscles, and every day aches and pains that everyone in your family is bound to run into at one time or another – and feel 100% safe and confident that the pain it’s taking away isn’t being traded for even more serious health problems down the road.

The next time your arthritis starts acting up… or your back ache keeps you up at night… or your muscles scream from gym pain… or a migraine hits you in the middle of a long day at work – just pull out Relief FX for fast acting, soothing relief from your nagging pain. And do it with the peace of mind that you’re taking a safe, natural alternative that won’t accidently kill you or suck you dry with mind-numbing addiction!

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