How to Conquer Heart Problems Naturally and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams

How to Conquer Heart Problems Naturally and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams


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65-Year-Old Conquers Heart Problems, Becomes a Pilot,  Builds His Own Plane65-Year-Old Conquers Heart Problems, Becomes a Pilot,  Builds His Own Plane

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, 65-year-old Tom never gave up on his dream to become a pilot…But, poor health and meds almost stole them!

“In October 2005 I was cutting trees on my property in northern Michigan and I suddenly got the warning signs – shortness of breath and tightness in my chest,” says Tom. “I immediately stopped and rested…I knew there was an issue.  I needed to see my doctor.”

Fifteen minutes after I got to the hospital, I was in the emergency room. I was told that I had five blockages, two requiring stents,” says Tom.

Surprisingly, after the procedure, “I was home by Wednesday and I went into the office on Friday for an hour.”

A stent is a tube used to open weak arteries for proper blood flow. It’s one of medicine’s biggest triumphs.  Highly skilled and dedicated surgeons are able to drastically increase lifespan using this seemingly miraculous technology.

Sadly, Tom’s stent procedure was followed up with a handful of pills that kept him on the prescription drug merry-go-round  and in and out of the hospital…

Trashing Cholesterol Meds

“The cholesterol meds were killing my joints and I switched from Simvastatin to Crestor.  I felt miserable.” Tom admitted.

“At one point, I went to see the cardiologist for an 18-month stress test, which I thought I would kick ass on and be out and home in an hour,” he says. “About seven minutes into the stress test the nurse turned off the machine, pulled me off and stuck a Nitro pill in my mouth. Ten minutes later I was told to go home get the wife and head straight to the hospital. Four hours later, I was on the table and two more stents were being put in.”

All of his attempts to be healthy with drugs and various supplements failed.

After I came out of recovery the cardiologist told me he ‘almost’ did a bypass on me because one of the original stents was 100% blocked – BUT, I had grown new blood veins around the blockage [due to taking supplements] and they were working well enough that he did not need to intervene.”

Not Able to Pass His Flight Physical

Tom is a Vietnam veteran, 101st Airborne Division.  He describes himself as someone who works hard and plays hard. But his dream of flying was becoming more elusive…There was no way he could pass his flight physical, which is mandatory to become a pilot.

Sick of putting his life on hold, Tom smartened up and realized that the surgery and drug charades weren’t doing anything to help him live young. Nor would they help his physical fitness.

Instead of treating symptoms, he needed to learn how to stop the inflammation that caused blockage, and start living again.

I decided the pharmaceuticals weren’t doing any good,” he says. “Years of taking drugs and healthy diets just didn’t help. I think that’s when I started looking harder for healthy alternatives.”

“In early spring 2012 after considerable reading, I decided to try Cardio FX and Cinnergy from The People’s Chemist, and slowly took myself off the drugs.”

Stopping Inflammation and Opening Up Arteries Naturally

That was a smart move on Tom’s part.

Cardio FX is an all natural cardiovascular cure that I developed to strengthen the heart, halt the formation of unruly blood clots and open up arteries to ensure proper blood flow.

Taking Cardio FX is like implanting a molecular stint into your arteries.  Just as helium inflates a balloon, Cardio FX boosts nitric oxide to open up arteries and and allow for free flowing circulation.

This natural, non-toxic supplement has helped thousands of people wean themselves off deadly heart medications. It floods your body with nutrients that soothe and strengthen your entire cardiovascular system, while keeping your blood pressure normal.

Cinnergy controls blood sugar, which is the biggest culprit in heart damaging inflammation!

He started feeling better….

Tom moved to Tavares, Florida.  Can you guess what happened next?

He began living young…He began fulfilling his lifelong dream to become a pilot.  Even better, he started to build his own plane – a SeaRey – A beautiful plane built for land and water!

Living Young Means Fulfilling Life Long dreams!

“I got my pilot’s license in Nov 11 and finished building my plane in April 2012. My cardiologist said as long as I stayed within the ‘sport’ rules he didn’t have issues with me flying.”

“A January 2014 check with my general practitioner, and the V.A. said everything was within limits. Blood pressure is O.K. about 10 points higher than I’d like (high 130′s over 80) and the triglycerides were lower but not yet below 100. I’ll keep working at lowering the numbers. Oh, and when I went off the meds, within a month I’d lost 10 pounds.”

That’s what happens when your body isn’t being blasted with toxic prescription drugs! It can actually do what it was designed to do – heal ITSELF.

What’s Your Excuse for Having Weak Cardiovascular Health?

If Tom can survive multiple surgeries, wean himself off prescription drugs, get his pilot’s license, and build his own plane… then you, too, can conquer anything life dares to throw at you, with Cardio FXAnd live your dreams, before it’s too late!

“I’m sure I far out-do what the cardiologist would like me to be doing. I still shovel the front walk in the winter and run the chain saw and saw mill in the summer and fly when ever I get the chance.”

Want to live young like Tom? Click here to maximize your heart’s performance, no matter what your biological age.


About the Author

Shane “The People’s Chemist” Ellison holds master’s degree in organic chemistry and is the author of Over-The-Counter Natural Cures (SourceBooks). He’s been quoted by USA Today, Shape, Woman’s World, US News and World Report, as well as Women’s Health and appeared on Fox and NBC as a medicine and health expert. Start living young by signing up for his FREE Natural Cures Watchdog below.

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