Doctors turn cancer patients away thanks to Obamacare


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(NaturalNews) The Affordable Care Act continues to unravel before the public’s eyes, spilling its true guts, releasing more turmoil into the medical industry. Patients and their doctors are now witnessing rationed care and cost controls. In California, one cancer patient cannot find an available doctor in his area, and it’s all because of Obamacare.

As its guts are exposed to the people, Obamacare is leaving some out in the cold, without an available health care provider. Under Obamacare, doctors may have no choice but to turn cancer patients away as their care is now being redistributed elsewhere thanks to the government exchanges.

That’s the case for a cancer patient in California who became “covered” under the state exchange but found out that this was just a “phantom network.” Many doctors in a patient’s area cannot accept these cancer patients, because their care isn’t compatible with insurance arrangements set up by the government exchanges. Watch video here.

This immediately brings to mind the question, “Was Obamacare designed to crash the current health insurance system to usher in something even more socialist in nature?” Obamacare, designed by social engineers who know what’s best for the collective whole, may actually be just a foot path leading the country toward an even wider road of socialism.

These social programs start small and then ultimately end up herding masses of people into one way of thinking. Maybe President Obama is really just being used as a puppet con-man, for cheering on ideas that were actually written by large industries and social controllers, who use their position of power to see how they can impact and influence humanity one way or another.

Regardless of its origins, intent and path forward, the Affordable Care act is now causing doctors to turn away cancer patients. As the website flickers in and out of working consciousness, it is basically giving cancer patients false hope, “covering” them but introducing them to “phantom networks” where there are no available doctors.

Promising coverage, the site has actually been a facade all along, causing further grief for people who could use a little bit of hope. But stories like these, where cancer patients are denied care, won’t be addressed at places like the state of the union speech or at Democratic state conventions. Stories like these will be ignored and buried underneath more promises of “hope” and “security” by the government.

The idea of government-promised security has always led the participating collective to demise, and this program is no different. No matter how many programs are implemented to save the day, no matter how many laws are enacted to drag the collective along, participants will continue to be duped into dependence and an ungratifying stupor.

There are two simple reasons why more people are being denied quality health insurance coverage now thanks to Obamacare:

The first is that, as the population of patients seeking checkups, tests and treatments balloons under the new system, it will become apparent that there is a shortage of doctors. It’s simple math. There just simply aren’t enough healthcare professionals available to administer all that the ACA pushes for free and redistributes.

The ACA cannot bypass the economics of supply and demand in the marketplace. It doesn’t matter how tyrannical their mandates are or how much they tax. The math is simple in supply and demand.

This brings up the second reason why people will have worse health insurance coverage: Insurance companies will have no other option but to cut specific hospitals and doctors from their plans in order to keep prices within a reasonable range for the ACA. This will lead to poor quality of care for many. Quality care will be rationed, and some won’t be able to keep their doctor. It’s that simple.

This coincides with reports from the Washington Examiner in December 2013 that about 70 percent of doctors in California will not be able to participate in Obamacare. This has shocked many, as they discover that their old insurance policies have been dropped and can be replaced by shoddy, rationed care provided compassionately by Obamacare.

In some areas, cancer patients won’t have any options. Doctors won’t be available to help them at all in their area, because the ACA forced insurance providers to drop those doctors.

That is the sad reality of cost controls, as people discover that their new Covered California policies are nothing more than “phantom networks” as the medical world is now caught up in this destructive whirlwind of “Obamacare.”

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Doctors turn cancer patients away thanks to Obamacare

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