I recently came across another site that I really like! It is The owner is Kristen Michaelis. I happen to agree with much of what she has to say on her site. She explains very well her thoughts on different foods – many of which are more traditional – including red meat, butter, sprouted grains, fermented vegetables, bone broths, etc. The difference is the source and quality of the ingredients. As you may be aware, the beef you would normally get at the regular grocery store, is so very different from a pasture raised, grass fed beef. The chemical makeup is actually not the same. I could go on and on about this as it is really a passionate topic for me, and I will certainly post more about it on the blog. But for now, I highly recommend that you visit the Food Renegade site and check out the information that Kristen is sharing with you. I feel very strongly about it and I hope you do too!

Here is some information directly from her website:


I am a rebel. I like to eat red meat. I think butter is good for me. I drink my milk raw. I avoid pre-packaged foods like the plague. I don’t believe the health claims on food labels. And, I like my food to be fresh, wholesome, and traditional.

I’m a wife, a homeschooling mother, a nutrition & wellness coach, and a passionate advocate for what I call “real food” — as opposed to the edible food-like substances which dominate America’s food industry today.

Influenced by the research of Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, the work of Weston A. Price, the voice of Michael Pollan, and the heart of the agrarian poet Wendell Berry, I am an empowered woman. And I’m determined.

I want to save lives.

Your life.

My life.

My family’s life.

I want us to shout a collective and resounding “NO!” to the killers overrunning our society: diabetes, heart-disease, obesity, and cancer. After years of studying nutrition, I believe I know the root cause of all these diseases — the Western Diet. The fast-food obsessed, over-processed, ignorantly-prepared diet of the Average American.

Yes, I said ignorant. Despite the many millions of dollars spent on the health food industry every year, we are dying. Our information is tainted. The diet dictocrats in Washington are in the pocket of mammoth agribusinesses, and they’ve confounded and confused the American public long enough.

Have you ever heard of the research documenting how traditional people groups who transitioned to a Western diet (and subsequently got heart disease or diabetes) then returned to their traditional diets only to experience a rapid recovery?

Traditional diets have withstood the test of time, yet that knowledge is swiftly becoming scarce.

This is my meager attempt to rectify the situation.

I want to empower people to choose wholesome, healthy, traditional foods — pastured meats and dairy products, organic vegetables, soaked or sprouted grains, fermented vegetables and beverages, and bone broths.

I want to strip away the mystery and intimidation we face when we think about preparing lacto-fermented sourkraut, a fresh loaf of sprouted whole grain bread, or a glass of kombucha.

I want to give people the tools and confidence they need to radically change their diet, to rebel against the dominant food culture, to become a food renegade.

To that end, I created this site. If all this is new to you, go read the articles under “THE BASICS.” When you’re convinced you want to be a food renegade, click on “REBEL” to find out what products and services we offer to help you on your journey.

And, as always, you’re welcome to join me anytime at the Food Renegade Blog.

Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson is the owner of I love this website! This website revolves around what Mark calls “The Primal Blueprint”. I don’t want to spill the beans completely here, so you will need to go check out his site – he can explain much better then I can anyway!  He explains a way to live life that has the greatest health benefits, to include, diet, exercise, stress management, sun exposure, barefooting, etc. I like his writing style and his message. I have read other similar programs based on our bodies not really having evolved much over time and that the best way to live is to eat and exercise like our caveman ancestors did. Now that was a very generic description, but check out Mark’s site and books and you will understand. He explains the theory and science behind the method and why it works so well. There is certainly great information to be had. Please check out his site soon!

Here is some more about Mark taken directly from his site:

Who is Mark Sisson?

MarkFrisbee small

Before I go any further, let me introduce myself. My name is Mark Sisson. I live and work in Malibu, California. In a past life I was a professional marathoner and triathlete. Now my life goal is to help 10 million people get healthy.

I started this blog in 2006 to empower people to take full responsibility for their own health and enjoyment of life by investigating, discussing, and critically rethinking everything we’ve assumed to be true about health and wellness.

If you’d like to learn more about my background visit this page.

What is Mark’s Daily Apple?

MDA logo

Mark’s Daily Apple is a blog, a forum for discussion and debate, a place where people go to explore how to live the healthiest life possible. And it’s a place where I rant, teach and attempt to entertain with daily articles. I started this experiment at the end of 2006 and haven’t missed a day yet. Visit the site daily to learn something new, to take home some practical information and tips you can actually use in your life, and for continuous motivation and reinforcement.

What is The Primal Blueprint?

pb logo print

The Primal Blueprint is a set of principles to live by. It’s a comprehensive health plan that covers everything from diet and exercise to sun exposure, stress management, sleep, supplementation, barefooting, posture, and the list goes on. It’s also a book that I wrote and self-published in 2009.

The Gist of the Primal Blueprint is this:

Our ancestors evolved over millions of years under certain environmental conditions. These conditions (the foods they ate, the amount of sun they got, the sort of movement that was required of them to survive, etc.) shaped their genome. While the world has changed in innumerable ways in the last 10,000 years (for better and worse), the human genome has changed very little and thus only thrives under similar conditions. Simply put, if you want a good future you better listen to the past. And that’s where The Primal Blueprint and Mark’s Daily Apple come in. Showing you how to direct gene expression toward fat burning, muscle building, longevity and wellness, and away from fat storing, muscle wasting, disease and illness. First you need to know what to do. Then you need to know how to do it. Read on to learn more.

Frederic Patenaude

Frederic Patenaude focuses mostly the benefits of Raw Foods. His website has some very good information on it: He has written several books and courses about Raw Foods and Health. There is some good information on his website and his books and courses are quite good and certainly worth a read. If you are interested in your health and what raw food can do for you, you will want to check out his website!

Here is a little more about Frederic from his website:






Frederic Patenaude has been working in the natural health movement for over 8 years, and has over 10 years of experience in the field of nutrition, health and personal development. He is the author of several books and his articles are read by tens of thousands of people every week, in various online newsletters.

Frederic also wrote and published the book The Raw Secrets: the Raw Food Diet in the Real World, which is widely recognized as one of the best and most practical, down-to-earth books on the subject.

He also created several recipe books, over a dozen courses and information products, and hundreds of articles that have been published online and offline.

Frederic spends his time between his home country of Canada and Costa Rica, where he lives at least half of the year.

I would like to introduce you to I found this website a while back and find myself coming back to it regularly, so I am recommending it to you! In essence, the team at review popular natural health remedies and let you know if they really work or not. Now, it is not just remedies, but they investigate many aspects of natural health you may have heard of before. For example, the safety of Aspartame. The information on the site seems to be well referenced which I like to see. I highly recommend this site if you are looking to find out about a remedy or about something you have heard regarding natural health and want to look into further. Please check out this site as soon as you get a chance!

Here is more information about directly from their website:

About Natural Health Sherpa

Natural Health Sherpa is a new company focused on pinpointing natural health therapies that have been proven to be safe and effective.

Why a Need for Natural Health?

We, collectively, are in bad shape.

For evidence of that, you need to look no further than the skyrocketing obesity rate and the epidemics of type 2 diabetes and heart disease that are wreaking havoc on the human race.

It’s clear that what we are doing right now isn’t working and that it’s time for a fundamental re-thinking of how we approach healing ourselves.

The good news is that you have the ability to reclaim your health; the bad news is that it’s going to take substantial changes to your lifestyle to do that…changes that will fundamentally alter how you’ve approaching eating and exercising.

Fortunately, Mother Nature has provided us with a treasure chest of natural therapies and solutions that can act as a short-term bridge to quickly help alleviate some of the problems we are dealing with, whether that’s high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high blood pressure or chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, menopause, hypothyroidism or more.

And that’s where Natural Health Sherpa can help.

Natural Health Sherpa is Born…

Pinpointing which of these natural therapies actually work, separating fact from fiction, deciphering the hype and the bogus claims can be an incredible challenge.

For example, have you ever wondered whether a supplement actually works as it claims? Is it REALLY the magic bullet we’ve all been searching for or is it just a waste of money?

Or how about that ancient herb or exotic Amazonian fruit you’ve read about? Are they really safe? Do they have dangerous side effects? Could they potentially be contaminated?

The natural health field is full of genuine individuals who want nothing more than to leave the world a better place…but we also have to realize that the field is also full of charlatans that just want to make a quick buck at YOUR expense.

Mother Nature is full of natural solutions that have been proven both safe and effective…but ONLY if you know where to look.

How Natural Health Sherpa Will Help…

The two main questions regarding natural therapies are: Is it effective and is it safe?

So, each week, our expert team of seasoned, professional medical and natural health researchers will provide you with in-depth reviews of safe, effective natural therapies that have been proven to work through rigorous scientific study.

We’ll separate fact from fiction by analyzing the existing scientific data to determine which natural therapies are truly safe and effective, and which are bogus or — worse — dangerous to your health.

Therapies could include anything: superfoods, nutrient powerhouses, unconventional exercise techniques, alternative natural medical procedures, and more.

You’ll be surprised by what you’ll learn! In fact, it is very likely that you are using several of these “therapies” right now that either simply lack in scientific backing or could even damage your health.

We’ll review natural therapies that boost your energy, help alleviate chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, menopause, hypothyroidism and more. We’ll even examine ways to naturally accelerate your metabolism, improve your sleep, beautify your skin, and more.

Think of us as your natural health guide, or Sherpa, that will help you navigate through the often-confusing natural health space.
Our Team

Marc Stockman – President and Co-founder

Marcus Stockman is a pioneer in the publishing industry having specialized in building multi-million dollar platforms for media talent in both the health and financial fields. Marc led the strategic, editorial, and marketing efforts for a variety of consumer health books, reports, and multimedia courses, including 3 New York Times best sellers. Marc was also Executive Producer of a widely publicized public television special and DVD, which has aired over 3,000 times on 365+ public television stations, reaching nearly 90% of the U.S. Marc has also been on an intensive personal health journey to discover what truly works after running into too many dead-ends to count. When he was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder and gluten allergy, he quickly realized that conventional medicine didn’t have the answers he was looking for. His realization: Getting healthy doesn’t have to be complicated so long as you keep it simple and use common sense.

Jeff Radich – Vice President and Co-founder

Since 1997, Jeff Radich has specialized in product development, copywriting and relationship marketing. In 2005 Jeff Radich co-founded a leading health company and Brass Ring Media Group. As part of this, Jeff was Executive Producer for all multimedia and online products including several bestselling video courses and 3 New York Times bestsellers. Since working with various medical professionals to help Jeff uncover and treat his son’s celiac disease, Jeff has developed a passion for helping individuals take control over their health and well being.

Jonny Bowden PhD, CNS – Contributing Writer

Also known as “The Rogue Nutritionist,” Bowden is a board-certified nutritionist with a master’s degree in psychology; the best-selling author of twelve books including Unleash Your Thin, The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, Living Low Carb, and The Most Effective Natural Cures on Earth; and is owner of Rockwell Nutrition, a premium supplement company. He has appeared on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Dr. Oz’s XM Radio show as an expert on nutrition and weight loss, and has written or contributed to articles for dozens of print and online publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Us Weekly, “O” The Oprah Magazine, The Daily Beast, Vanity Fair Online, Time, Oxygen, Marie Claire, Diabetes Focus, GQ, US Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Self, Fitness, Family Circle, Allure, Men’s Heath, Prevention, Natural Health, and many other publications.

Ross Finesmith, MD – Research Director and Medical Reviewer

Finesmith is a physician, medical writer, and a consultant. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin and Chicago Medical School. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Neurology at the New York University School of Medicine. He writes research protocols, regulatory documentation, and medical content for websites and provides medical information guidance to clients in many areas. He has been a principal investigator for key clinical trials on behalf of several agencies.

Kimberly Day – Natural Health Writer

Kimberly Day is an accomplished medical writer and researcher who has spent the last 15 years uncovering natural and alternative health solutions that have proven to be effective. Her wide and deep range of experience includes being managing editor for several of the world’s largest health newsletters including those from Dr. Susan Lark, MD, Dr. Julian Whittaker, MD and Dr. Stephen Sinatra M.D. She has also penned several health-related newsletter and magazine articles, co-authored the book the Hormone Revolution with Dr. Susan Lark, contributed articles to Lance Armstrong’s consumer site, and created a number of health-related Web sites and blogs.

Kathleen Roberts – Natural Health Writer

Kathleen Roberts has been studying natural health for over 20 years, with a special focus on herbs and vitamins. She has been writing since 1996. Her hundreds of articles appear on various websites including LiveStrong, The Baby Corner and LoveToKnow where she was also editor over their Herbs, Vitamins, Diet and Garden channels. Kathleen is also a Master Gardener. Her love of natural health is extended to her garden where she uses organic gardening practices, always mindful that natural methods translate into good health.

Jon Barron

I would like to make sure that you have heard of Jon Barron before. If not, you need to go to his site now and get acquainted with him! Also be sure to get a copy of his book “Lessons From The Miracle Doctors”, as far as I am concerned, it is a MUST read. Dr Barron is dedicated to better health. All of his research and information is directly from him. Some of the reading can be a bit long, but it is very detailed and very informative. I have personally read his research on enzymes and used his enzyme products with good success. I can honestly say that if you follow his advice, you will be healthier for it. He is truly at the top of his field. I can not recommend following him enough.

Here is a little more about Dr. Barron directly from his website:

About Jon Barron: Alternative Health Expert On Natural Health Remedies & Dietary Supplements

  • Jon Barron is the founder of the Baseline of Health® Foundation, whose website attracts millions of visitors world-wide so people can learn about health and nutrition for free.
  • Jon Barron’s Baseline of Health® Newsletter and the Barron Report are read by thousands of doctors, health experts, and nutrition consumers in over 100 countries.
  • His acclaimed health book, Lessons from the Miracle Doctors, is currently found in several hundred libraries (including medical school and hospital libraries) throughout the world.
  • Jon Barron currently serves on the Medical Advisory Board of the prestigious Health Sciences Institute.
  • Jon Barron led the product design of ten functional health drinks to be sold at grocery stores across the U.S. including HEB, Central Markets, Whole Foods Markets, Walgreens and Wal-mart.
  • As Founder and Director of the Baseline of Health® Foundation, 2000, Jon Barron discovered the “Barron Effect®,” a revolutionary herbal manufacturing breakthrough that makes herbal tinctures 100-200% stronger than previous extraction techniques.
  • He is the product designer of nutritional products sold by companies such as: Baseline Nutritionals, NorthStar Nutritionals, TeamUp International, Gateway International, Preferred Price Plus, Healing America, Quantum Wellness, and Royal Botanicals.
  • Jon Barron has lectured internationally, and has been featured on many regional and syndicated media programs as an expert in disease prevention, anti-aging, and nutrition.
  • 1993, selected as one of the Top Entrepreneurial Couples in America (along with wife Kristen), Free Enterprise Magazine, and one of Who’s Who of Global Business Leaders.
  • 1994, Entrepreneur of the Year, Adventure Opportunities Magazine.

Today I would like to tell you about a site called There is a wealth of information on this website. The 2 guys who run the site, Anthony Gucciardi and Mike Barrett seem to really care about their readers and the information that they provide. There is a large amount of good information on their site. Some of the content on the site has been taken from other sources to give you the best information all in one place – similar to what we are doing here for you. I would highly recommend you check out the site and go back often for new information being posted. There is also an excellent search feature on the site if you are looking for something specific. They seem to have an active Facebook Page as well.

Here is some information about the authors taken direct from their site:


Anthony Gucciardi, Co-Founder, Editor, Investigative Journalist

antnaturalsocietrycroblank 321x340 AboutAnthony is an accomplished investigative journalist whose articles have appeared on top news sites and have been read by millions worldwide. A health activist and researcher, Anthony’s goal is centered around informing the public as to how they can use natural methods to revolutionize their health, as well as exploring the behind the scenes activity of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.

  • Articles featured on top health & political websites read by millions worldwide such as Reuters, Yahoo News, MSNBC, and Bloomberg
  • Alternative health expert whose contributions have been consistently featured on alternative news giants like Alex Jones’, Jeff Rense’s, and Mike Adam’s
  • Author of the 10th most shared viral article of 2011 with over 231,000 shares, entitled “Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields” (see article)
  • On-call health expert for nationally syndicated radio shows
  • Author of hundreds of articles on natural & alternative health, political analysis, and finance

Mike Barrett, Co-Founder, Features Writer, Editor, Researcher

michaelbarrettabout About

Mike is the main researcher behind Natural Society. Studying the work of top natural health activists, and writing special reports for top 10 alternative health websites, Mike has written hundreds of articles and pages on how to obtain optimum wellness through natural health. He is a writer and entrepreneur with an affinity for natural health and exercise. Mike has helped thousands around the globe transform their lives through his informative writing, with some of his articles being published on NaturalNews, Infowars, and hundreds of other websites.

As a founder of NaturalSociety, Mike focuses on getting life-saving natural health techniques out to the world in a timely and efficient manner, syndicating his articles around the web. His primary aim is to help people around the world achieve a more vibrant and prosperous life so they can really LIVE to enjoy the time on this magnificent planet.

Dr. Ben Kim

Dr. Ben Kim has a fantastic website: I first came across his site about 4 years ago and am a regular reader. He is very insightful and truly has a passion for natural health and keeping the body healthy and strong. The information on his site ranges from basic health and wellness to ways to treat and prevent very specific health problems. Dr. Kim is a chiropractor and acupuncturist living and working in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. While he is not taking any new patients into his private practice, his website is full of great information and he has a very active following. I would highly recommend signing up for his newsletter and visiting the site on a regular basis. It is also a great place to search if you want to find some information on a specific subject related to natural health. He also has a store on his site that sells very high quality supplements and whole foods.

Here is some information about Dr Kim directly from his website:

Hello, and welcome to our natural health community.

My name is Ben Kim. I’m a chiropractor and acupuncturist living and working in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

I started this site back in March of 2003 when I established a residential fasting and chiropractic clinic in Ontario.

The goal of this site is simple: it’s to help you understand what you need to do on a regular basis to experience your best health.

If you’ve been searching for answers to your health concerns, you might be feeling confused by the conflicting views that exist in conventional and alternative medical circles on how to address different health challenges.

As you read through my articles, I hope that you gain clarity on your concerns, and confidence in your ability to support your best health via your daily lifestyle choices.

Through my practice, I have helped enough people recover from severe and chronic health challenges to know that there is always reason to hope for and expect improvement with your health if you apply the principles found throughout this site.

If you find this site to be helpful, then I encourage you to sign up for my free e-newsletter below. Doing so will allow you to receive new articles as they are published.

In case you are curious about my background, I studied at the University of Toronto before going on to earn my Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1997 at the National University of Health Sciences in Illinois. I graduated summa cum laude and class salutatorian, and more importantly, I walked away from my years of formal education with an excellent foundation in basic and clinical sciences – it’s a foundation that I largely credit for any help that I have given to patients, clients, and readers of this site over the years.

After graduating, I traveled to the arctic of Alaska, where I worked at a chiropractic clinic for a group of Inuit villages. Following my time in Alaska, I completed a residential internship at the TrueNorth Health Center in northern California for certification in therapeutic fasting supervision by the International Association of Hygienic Physicians.

I’m also a graduate of the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program at McMaster University.

This site wouldn’t be possible without the ongoing contributions of my wife, Margaret Chuong-Kim. Margaret holds a B.A. in psychology from York University, and an M.A. in counselling psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology.

Margaret has worked with women and children survivors of domestic violence and members of the psychiatric community. She also has experience with crisis intervention and parent education.

Together, Margaret and I are grateful parents to two boys – our older son is a physical replica of her, and our youngest takes after his proud papa.

We are extremely fortunate to work with a trio of wonderfully kind and competent women – Kristen, Renu, and Naintara.

Kristen is our Client Care Manager. She and her husband live in British Columbia with their two lovely daughters. When Kristen isn’t taking care to ensure that things are running smoothly at our natural health catalogue, she can be found in her kitchen creating healthy recipe pictorials, taking her daughters to dance classes, or volunteering for one of many dozens of projects at her girls’ schools. On weekends, you are likely to run into her family on the lake or high up on a ski slope.

Dr Edward Group

I have been following Dr Groups blog and used some of his products of the past 6 years. I have always found his writing to be well researched and written in a way that is easy to understand. If there is a specific topic I want to know about, I will often go to his site : first because I know I will be getting the information I am looking for. I have used several of his products with great success as well. I would consider Dr. Group to be a true leader in the field of natural health. I would fully recommend him, his blog and products to anyone with complete confidence. When you get a chance, please visit his site.

Here is a short BIO taken from his website:

Dr. Edward F. Group III founded Global Healing Center in 1998 and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer. At the forefront of the research and development team, Dr. Group assumes a hands-on approach to producing new and advanced degenerative disease products and information.

Dr. Group has studied natural healing methods for over 20 years and, though he no longer sees patients individually, now focuses on spreading the word of health and wellness to the global community. Under his leadership, Global Healing Center, Inc. has earned recognition as one of the largest alternative, natural, and organic health resources on the Internet.

Dr. Group’s Mission

Dr. Group believes his personal mission is to help the world by teaching and promoting philosophies that produce good health, a clean environment, and positive thinking. This, he believes, can restore happiness, and love. Dr. Group considers it part of his responsibility to expose hidden truths of the medical industry, which has a tendency to treat symptoms of disease and not the underlying cause. The incidence of disease is increasing at an alarming rate, a statistic Dr. Group believes is an indication that the current healthcare system is not working. Dr. Group centers his philosophy around the understanding that the root cause of disease stems from the accumulation of toxins in the body and is exacerbated by daily exposure to a toxic living environment.

“I feel my purpose in life is to teach how critical it is to engage in body detoxification. Internal purification is the first, crucial step toward achieving maximum health and vitality. By cleansing your body on a regular basis and eliminating toxins from your environment, your body can begin to heal itself, prevent disease, and become more strong and resilient than you ever thought possible! I firmly believe the definition of a doctor should be one who teaches, not one who prescribes.” – Dr. Edward F. Group III

Armed Forces Career

Dr. Group enlisted in the Army in 1985 and completed basic and infantry training at Fort Benning, Georgia. He was assigned to the 4th Infantry Division out of Fort Carson, Colorado and transferred overseas to the 1/506 Infantry Regimen at Camp Greaves, Korea. While in Korea, he was honored to be accepted by one of the top Korean Tae Kwon Do masters for martial arts training. Dr. Group credits his martial arts training for honing a deep appreciation for discipline, focus, meditation and healing techniques, the movement of energies and the connection between all living things. He was honorably discharged from active duty in 1989 following his time in Korea. His military duty is highlighted by two Army achievement medals, a good conduct medal and an overseas ribbon.